Creating Nourishing Relationships and Strong Emotional Foundations through Parent Coaching and Relationship Counselling.

Life doesn’t have to be this hard.  These are the wise words that challenged me, years ago, to seek change. What I realized was that the clarity, calm and courage I needed, around my relationships with both myself and others, were closer than they seemed.  Maybe yours are too.

Due to a variety of experiences, we come to certain points in life that can feel like a struggle. Often, we don’t see the choices and strength we can access.  Sometimes, we lose sight of what we want to create.

For most people, this is not about external sources of happiness, a search for perfection or trying to meet other’s expectations. Usually,  true success comes from a life of being authentic and in healthy relationships – with ourselves, other adults and our children. Mainly, ones that teach, support, respect and fulfill us. Most of all, ones that bring feelings of true joy within and belonging

‘The deepest joy we can find in life comes from within our own being and not from the circumstances around us’ ~ Eckhart Tolle 

Parent Coaching and Relationship Counselling
Marny Elliott – Certified Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) Trainer and Coach, and Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist.

My passion is supporting adults and children, through the adults in their life, to create nourishing relationships and strong emotional foundations. 

Because experiences from nurturing and challenging relationships affect personal beliefs, they greatly influence how we relate both inside and out as well as how others relate to us.  In addition, they reflect back to us what we need to continue to grow and as such, provide a wealth of opportunity to learn, love and let go.

Rather than continuing to struggle, elevate how you relate and overcome your challenges. Click below to choose your next step to flourishing within your family, community and yourself.

“Life is a journey filled with opportunities to choose who we come to be along the way.


Family relationshipsSeeking greater harmony and skills in your family or classroom? Click here for more details and rates. 

You no longer need to dwell on failures or negative behaviours. The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) provides the framework to instead, purposefully focus on successes.  As a result, children become strong from the inside out and then choose to act out their greatness!

You are one of the most influential people in your child’s life.

This social-emotional program will give you the knowledge, skills, and support to build relationships that empower, influence and transform when we interact, how we behave and why we connect. All while instilling in children, the inner qualities that will support them in creating a journey of lifelong success.

♥ Understand adult-child relationships from a new perspective! Most importantly, they influence a child’s view of themselves and their abilities. Since how a child feels and what they believe about themselves can directly affect how they are in the world, we can use this relationship to be our best and raise resilient, strong and successful children.

♥ Learn practical, accessible techniques to shift ineffective, stressful or inherited skills of relating and raising children, to those supportive, positive and successful for both adult and child. 

♥ Transform challenging behaviour while building the Inner Wealth™, in children and yourself, needed to navigate an increasingly complex world 

This approach has been extremely successful to transform even the most challenging behaviours in children. Most importantly, It helps all children to flourish.

Personal relationships

Seeking greater harmony and clarity in your adult to adult relationships (including YOU)? Click here for more details and rates.

♥ Transform the emotional concerns and defeating patterns that prevent you from creating a life of positive choices, healthy relationships, and supportive experiences.

Heal the past to enable the clarity and calm to move forward. Go back to renew your true self.

♥ Improve and focus on your emotional health. Our emotions are a form of communication to our action and we need our emotions to give us critical information. When our emotional health is good, we are able to respond to situations and challenges from a place of strength and confidence. 

♥ Identify what is holding you back from the life you desire. Looking at our emotional foundation is an integral piece of our overall health. This can be part of an ongoing process or it might be related to a specific life event.

♥ Explore the choices to embrace and enhance what IS working while being supported in letting go of what no longer is. This can be a powerful journey of forming a different relationship to you and those in your life.

“Even when things are tough, remember that your will to move forward is ultimately stronger than anything that can hold you back.”

Seeking more fulfilling and balanced relationships with yourself and those around you? Let NHA Training, Coaching and Relationship Counselling help.

 Sessions are available in person, Monday and Tuesday 9am-7pm and Wednesday 9am-1pm at Nourish Wellness, Unit C – 1822 (2nd Floor) Comox Avenue, Comox, BC.

Some Saturday, as well as phone/internet appointments, are also available. Visit each services page for details and rates.

Contact me in the Comox Valley, B.C. – or 250.218.8702


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