Building Emotional Health With NHA Training, Coaching and Holistic Counselling

Training, Coaching and Emotional Health Therapy
Marny Elliott (B.A., R.I.H.R.)

Welcome! Thank you for taking a moment to explore your path to a more joyful life!

My passion is working with adults to create true life satisfaction and success for themselves and the children in their lives. As a Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) Trainer and Coach, I teach and support parents, educators, caregivers etc. in NHA. Additionally, as an Emotional Health Therapist, I provide holistic personal counselling to adults.

‘The deepest joy we can find in life comes from within our own being and not from the circumstances around us’ ~ Eckhart Tolle

How we feel and what we do with those feelings directly affects our ability to experience joy and manage life’s challenges. Therefore, in addressing our emotional health, we seek to consciously feel, choose and express whatever helps us create the life we want.  My goal is to help people build or renew their emotional foundation. One that will support and guide them in life’s choices, challenges and changes. Everyone can co-create greater success and joy within their families, communities and themselves.

“Life is a journey filled with opportunities to choose who we come to be along the way.” NHA Training, Coaching and Emotional Health Therapy can support yours.

Parent NHA Coaching and Personal Counselling

Adults Helping Children Live Their Greatness.

♥ Understand adult-child dynamics from a new perspective.

Often, we accidentally reinforce behaviour we don’t want and overlook behaviour we do. Understand the opportunity available in the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of connection.

♥ Explore the power of relationship.

How a child feels and what they believe about themselves directly affects how they are in the world. Through trusting relationships that appreciate who a child truly is, our words and actions can transform this view. In addition, we can reach new levels of influence to address challenging/intense behaviours while teaching positive choices.

♥ Learn practical, accessible and effective skills that are flexible to any situation.

All techniques empower, nourish and inspire both the adult and child.  Supportive and positive, they build resilience, strength and confidence while creating the relationships you want. Finally free yourself from ineffective or stressful methods!

♥ Build Inner Wealth® in ALL children so they can flourish in an increasingly complex world.

This approach has been extremely successful to transform the most challenging behaviours and with children of any age, stage or ability.

Parent NHA Coaching and Personal CounsellingAn Holistic Approach to Your Healing

♥ Feel supported, acknowledged and heard in your specific concerns.

Who we are in this moment is a result of individual experiences, perceptions and core beliefs. Since everyone is unique, each path forward is different requiring individual support and guidance.

♥ Address the experiences and beliefs that are limiting you.

Looking inward and using our own wisdom can expose and shift what is needed. As a result, we free up our energy to create more fulfilling lives, finally letting go of what no longer serves us,

♥ Be empowered to change defeating patterns of behaviour.

These prevent us from creating a life of positive choices, healthy relationships and supportive experiences.  As much as life can be a challenge, often our way through is not far from reach.

♥ Find and maintain your version of personal success and joy.

Since our emotions are a critical communication to us, they have important influence on our actions.  With greater emotional health, we can respond to situations and challenges rather than react or retreat.

Seeking a more fulfilling and balanced relationship with yourself and those around you? NHA Training, Coaching and Emotional Health Therapy works.

I am a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach® Trainer and a Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist. Sessions are available in person as well as via phone/internet for some services.

Located in the Comox Valley, B.C. – or 250.218.8702


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