Helping Families Thrive with the Nurtured Heart Approach®

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Date(s) - Thu Jun 8, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lake Trail Middle School - Community Room

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The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) is a powerful way for parents, educators etc. to use an effective, heart centered approach to transform behaviour, build relationships and grow the Inner Wealth® of all children.

This 4 hour training  (June 8th and 15th 6-8pm) is an introductory level training in NHA for anyone who is:

  • challenged by specific behaviours
  • searching for effective ways to handle repetitive, frustrating dynamics
  • interested in building strong children from the inside out
  • seeking better ways to communicate or create the relationships they envisioned
  • wanting to ensure they have the skills to be the best adult they can be to a child in their life

Find out why others are calling NHA “life changing”, “a whole new level of deep and genuine appreciation”,”a new way to communicate” and “transformational”

Marny is a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer, Coach, Emotional Health Therapist and most importantly, a parent. This unique combination of education and experience ensures expert training and compassionate support.

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Adults have tremendous influence over a child’s inner world.  Since their inner world drives how they behave and the choices they make, we have influence over that as well! While sometimes overwhelming, this is also an amazing opportunity.  Helping Families Thrive with the Nurtured Heart Approach®  is an overview training that will illuminate the framework to use your opportunities and influence in empowering and effective ways.

This flexible, deeply nurturing and compassion based approach is refreshingly simple. It uses the perspective of ‘great’ to diffuse the ‘not so great’ and the power of the heart to communicate. It awakens the inherent greatness in children regardless of age, challenge or diagnosis.

Over years of being parented, learning, living and parenting,  you have knowledge and experience that helps shape where you are today. Rather than simply surviving this journey as is, imagine the transformation for our children, communities and ourselves when we end the cycle. As much as letting go of automatic reactions, defeating patterns and ingrained habits takes commitment, it is worth it.

NHA is a relationship-focused methodology for helping children (and adults) build Inner Wealth® and use their intensity in successful ways. It facilitates both parenting and classroom success.

Far deeper than positive or praise based techniques, NHA is more meaningful and enduring. It empowers us to

  • create success
  • recognize the truth of challenging situations
  • maximize our influence during the absence of challenges
  • appreciate and nurture personal qualities critical for success

Especially noteworthy, it does this in a way that is authentic, clear and undeniable.

Scroll to the bottom to book your spot today! Choose additional coaching to increase your success rate by 95%!*


So many people

  • feel like they don’t have the full insight, clarity and effectiveness to parent the way they envisioned
  • experience this most important role without feeling fully prepared or confident to mange all the realities they experience

At the same time, they also have a very deep desire to raise children who

  • can express their emotions in healthy, respectful ways
  • are capable of handling life’s challenges
  • have the skills they need to succeed
  • experience the joy of love and belonging in the life they choose

 If you want to transform negative behaviour into positive behaviour, build stronger children from the inside out AND foster healthy relationships, this is the opportunity you have been looking for!

During this 4 hour training you will be introduced to the following:

  • dynamics that really drive behaviour and the influence of energy
  • the role you play in a child’s growing ‘inner portfolio’ (personal beliefs) and skill set
  • effective tools and techniques to create success and shift intense or other challenging behaviour
  • new perspective so you can see, acknowledge and therefore build the Inner Wealth® your child needs to succeed in an increasingly complex world
  • techniques to build increasingly deeper levels of resilience and inner strength as well as productive communication your children hear
  • the value of deep, strong, connected and nurturing relationships
  • skills to shift away from frustrating dynamics, resistance and feelings of being powerless or ineffective
  • all foundational aspects and intentions of NHA that are critical to affecting how you see, understand and appreciate others. This insight itself begins to transform relationships immediately.

Tools and techniques that are simple to remember, accessible to all and effective with all children. These are invaluable assets to the lifelong commitment of parenting.

  • 4 hours of in person group training over 2 weeks (see above).
  • An invitation to join our closed, members only Facebook community to share experiences, ideas and successes.
  • Access to our monthly Greatness Group that meets in person to build skills, share and grow the greatness of all members and their children.

Scroll to the bottom to book your spot today! Choose additional coaching to increase your success rate by 95%!*

Compassionate and nurturing for both adult and child, NHA is having amazing results with parents, caregivers, educators and professionals around the world.  You will absolutely gain the skills to bring you and your children more fulfillment, grace and joy. Best of all, this approach can be used in ALL your relationships!  Since we are always in relationship with someone (including ourselves), the application of what you will learn is endless.

NHA Training

Not included 🙂

  • Focus on all the mistakes you could be making
  • Lists of the negative impact these could have
  • Feelings like it is too late to make a change
Dates and times :
June 8th and 15th from 6-8 pm at Lake Trail Community School.
Enroll in this training below or contact Marny directly at / 250.218.8702.

For this event, special pricing has been made possible through partnership with Lake Trail Neighbourhood Connection and additional coaching or ongoing group work are recommended. Continue to be supported for as long as you need to make the most of this training. 

*Joyce, B., and Showers, B. (2002) “Designing Training and Peer Coaching: Our Needs for Learning


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